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Otter Point Recreational Cooperative Association (OPRCA) - Description


The property located at 7899 West Coast Road is registered with the "Land Title and Survey Authority" as "Otter Point Recreational Cooperative Association".  Prospective buyers purchase shares in the OPRCA and own a portion of the shares (that correspond to the lot) for the whole property.


Membership at the OPRCA includes:  The foreshore license for use of the dock and boat launch ramp, the Caretaker's lot and mobile home, common property and easements, central washrooms, showers, laundry, library and tent.  It also includes common services such as water, septic, internet, hydro (the use of hydro on personal lots is charged back to owners based on actual usage).


The OPRCA is operated by a volunteer Board of Directors and  committees made up of owners.  All Owners are encouraged to participate in the park (including being on the Board and/or committees).


Please note that residency - by either an owner or a  visitor - is limited to six months in a calendar year.  The current "Rules and Internal Regulations" can be found on the OPRCA web site.



 Purchasing Member Shares at the

Otter Point Recreational Cooperative Association              7899 West Coast Road | Sooke BC | V9Z 0R5



Thank you for your interest in purchasing shares in the Otter Point Recreational Cooperative Association (OPRCA). Shares purchased correspond to each lot and are a portion of the total shares that make up the park cooperative.


We welcome new members and appreciate your interest in joining our association. To make your purchase go as smoothly as possible, just follow the process outlined below.



Please read and review our ‘Internal Regulations’ and ‘Rules’ at:  (click ‘Park Regulations’) to help you decide whether membership in a cooperative association is right for you.

              NOTE: The park cannot be used as a primary residence (proof of residency is required)

                             and can only be use for up to six months in each calendar year.


Lots in the park are listed for sale in a variety of ways:

 On our web site, under the ‘For Sale Listings’ link.

 On the park map (in front of the Caretaker’s home) with ‘Sale’ stickers.

 Take a walk around the park to find ‘For Sale’ signs on lots.



                  NOTE: Prior to finalizing a purchase, an interview MUST take place.

Once you’ve found the lot of your dreams and discussed (not finalized) a purchase with the member:

 The owner will contact the Property Manager so an interview can be arranged for you and the

Directors (they will contact you directly to arrange a convenient time).

 The park Secretary will email you a copy of the ‘Application For Membership’. Print three copies, fill out each and bring them all to the interview.



Meeting with two of our Directors is an informal process that usually takes about one hour. During the interview, the Directors will go through a ‘check list’ of important information about the park and your potential membership in it.


Please feel free to ask questions and be a part of the discussion!

This is a great way for us to get to know you and vice versa.

 You will initial each page of the ‘check list’ to acknowledge understanding and agreement.

 The Directors will sign each copy of the ‘Application For Membership’ you completed.

 One copy is for park files, one is yours to keep, the third goes to your lawyer (see # 1 below).

* Peter W. Demeo – Mullin Demeo Law Corporation

Barrister | Solicitor | 1626 Garnet Road | Victoria BC | V8P3C8 | Email:

Phone: 250 477 3327 | Fax: 250 477 0980 | Toll Free: 1 877 477 3327

The Transfer Agent is not legal counsel to either the purchaser or the seller, makes no representations, warranties or disclosure of any kind or nature whatsoever as to the interest which is being transferred and recommends that each party obtains independent legal advice and tax advice.

** Cost Of Share Transfers: We are aware the Transfer Agent charges $732 ($200 of which comes back

 to the park upon completion of purchase). Please discuss costs/charges with your lawyer.

Lot For Sale Description/Price


Lot #: 57            # Of Shares:  117             Lot Size:  28 X 51                  Price: $154,000


Recreational Vehicle (RV), Deck/Sunroom Description (if applicable)


RV Make & Model:  Luxury Lakeview Trailer  #TLM-130-7BKW          

RV Year: 2016       RV Size: 39ft.       #of Slide Outs:  3         


Price if in addition to above:  $


Patio Size: __  ft. by __ ft.  2 sided deck ground level    Sunroom Size:   N/A    Shed:  7 X 10 ft.


Additional Details: 

  • RV - used only 10 months; 
  • Shed - new metal roof;
  • Furniture - leather couch & sofa bed, queen bed table/4chairs, 2 bar stools, lamps;
  • Appliance - S/S fridge, propane stove, microwave;
  • Kitchen - all utensils, coffee pot, toaster, pots & pans, dishes etc.
  • Two TVs, 2 satellite receivers 

Seller's Contact Information

Contact Name: Sharon Brooks        Phone #(s)  250-863-5536

E-Mail Address:

Lot For Sale Description/Price


Lot #: 42             # Of Shares:  117             Lot Size:                    Price: $99,000


Recreational Vehicle (RV), Deck/Sunroom Description (if applicable)


RV Make & Model:  Older            RV Year: Older        RV Size: Large       #of Slide Outs:  2          


Price if in addition to above:  $


Patio Size:  4      ft. by   8     ft.             Sunroom Size:   10        ft.  by   20    ft.


Additional Details:  Has a roof since new.  Heated tile floors. Has had very little use.

                                       Shed out back


Seller's Contact Information

Contact Name: Peter Shaw           Phone #(s)  250-715-8281

E-Mail Address:

Lot For Sale Description/Price


Lot #: 41             # Of Shares:  117             Lot Size:  Irregular              Price: $99,000


Recreational Vehicle (RV), Deck/Sunroom Description (if applicable)


RV Make & Model:  N/A             RV Year:         RV Size:        #of Slide Outs:            


Price if in addition to above:  $


Deck Size:          ft. by        ft.             Sunroom Size:           ft.  by       ft.


Additional Details:  Currently rented at $500/month until Oct

                                       Open to all offers


Seller's Contact Information

Contact Name: Peter Shaw           Phone #(s)  250-715-8281

E-Mail Address: