If you have a notice of a park activity you would like posted here, please send the details  to oprca123@gmail.com.   Please allow up to 10 days for the notice to be posted.  Thank you

Park Concerns or Comments


If you have concerns and/or suggestions, please send them in writing to:

  • Cornerstone Property Maintenance, Attention: John Meikle:
    • Mail:  #301 - 1001 Cloverdale Road, Victoria, BC V8X 4C9,
    • Fax: 250-475-2008, or
    • Email: johnm@cornerstoneproperties.bc.ca
    • Phone: 250-475-2005
  • Directors will deal with non-emergency concerns at their meetings.
    • Park Email: 7899otter@gmail.com
    • Public Web Site: http://www.otterpointcoop.com
    • Caretaker/Watchperson: Angie Siddall
    • Sunshine Lady: Madelaine – lot # 97 - sends cards with wishes and thoughts on members’ behalf.
    • Front Gate Remote: Please contact Cornerstone Property Management.

Emergency Services manager Jeri Grant who put this together.

Emergency Notification System
Subject: Emergency Notification System from Hicks Date: Thu, 4 May 2017 14:50:11 +0000 From: directorjdf <directorjdf@crd.bc.ca> To: directorjdf@gmail.com<directorjdf@gmail.com> 

     Starting today, residents of the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area may register at  www.crd.bc.ca/ens for the Emergency Notification System. In the event of a significant emergency or disaster, the emergency notification system will quickly notify residents who may be impacted by the situation. This system can call your home phone or cell phone, send a text, and/or email important safety information or instructions.
     This system costs the JDF taxpayers $ 1,164 per year and will be invaluable in case of a tsunami, earthquake, wild fire or policy emergency. Less than 20 cents per resident is extremely good value for this service and we are grateful to our
     Please take a moment and register and please also forward on to your neighbors.

Alert from Kemp Lake Waterworks District:

News Bulletin regarding 2018 Waterworks Taxes 




Heads Up!


Important information for disposal of kitchen scraps.



We now have 2 totes specifically for wet kitchen scraps in the recycle area. Kitchen scraps must not to be placed in the general garbage bin.


It is important that all kitchen scraps are tied in compostable bags only and not in plastic or degradable bags. Failure to do so will contaminate the load and result in significant fines against the Co-op. Kitchen scraps are not to be just dumped in the totes without being tied in the compostable bags as they will quickly attract flies and maggots.


Compostable bags are available in most grocery and hardware stores(see list below). Arrangements may be made with the caretaker if you need an emergency supply. 


Welcome back!
'Spring has sprung, so have the grasses and weeds.  In preparation for the busy season, please check your lot and RV for any clean up and maintenance that might be needed.

Fibre Optics Installation - Posted January 11th, 2017

Telus is revisiting their delivery dates and we won't hear more until the spring.  The reason for some of the delays is due to our specific need for change of alignments for the placement of the services on the individual lots which requires a redraft of the full layout.  Needless to say this is disappointing, but we want the service to meet the parks requirements.

What is your Expertise?

The board of OPRCA is aware that all of our members have a wide variety of expertise from work experience, education, recreational and of course life experience.  We often have questions that affect our park and members and it would be useful if we knew what fields our members have an interest or expertise in.  For example some of our members have experience in banking, commercial fishing, photography, art, woodwork, contracting, government agencies, farming etc.  If you wouldn’t mind a call or e mail from time to time to tap into your knowledge we would appreciate you contacting the board via this web site at the Contact page.  Just complete the required fields and under message insert your expertise or interest(s). 

Thank you,

Your OPRCA Board of Directors

Parking Passes - Visitor Lot

Guests, Visitors or Members parking in the visitors lot (first parking lot) at Otter Point Co-op must sign the guest book. The book is located in the box on the left side of the walk through gate. 

Lot Maintenance Notice 

This is a general reminder to members that lots, trailers and vehicles must be maintained in a safe, clean, neat and insured condition.  Lots must be free of weeds and extra vehicles, trailers and sheds free of moss and all vehicles and trailers insured.  If you have any questions about this notice please refer to the regulations for OPRCA contained on this web site.  Lots that require upkeep will receive notices during the month of May.  If you are unable to perform the required maintenance within the timeframe specified in the letter, the board will have the work performed and billed to your lot as per the regulations.   Thank you for your co operation in this matter.

Sunshine Lady

Madeline Burbridge sends cards with wishes and thoughts on members behalf.  Please contact her through us by one of the methods mentioned above if you wish her to send a card on our behalf.  

We continue to offer Wi Fi here at the park at no additional cost for members. This doesn't however mean unlimited usage. We as a whole are capped with a maximum usage amount. Usage above and beyond incurs additional cost to the park. Additional usage has been problematic at times and if usage continues to rise, we will be forced to increase the limit at additional cost and/or farm out WiFi to a third party to monitor, maintain and set pricing policies.

Internet Notice 
May 23, 2016
Downloading of Copyrighted Materials 
This is to let you know that Shaw (our internet provider) is required by law to notify us when anyone in the park is using our wifi connection to download copyrighted materials. 
This has occurred on several occasions and Shaw has just sent another notification that the HBO show ‘Silicon Valley’ was downloaded by someone who’s computer IP address is in the park. 
At this point in time, no legal action will be taken.  However, if this type of activity continues, the copyright owner has the right to do so.  A fine of up to $5000 may be levied for each proven infringement. 


Front Gate Remote


Gate remotes can be obtained through Cornerstone Properties Ltd. There is a $55.00 fee per remote.